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  1. Electronic Jihad – The New Terrorism?

    March 2014 marked the hacking of 12 Indonesian Government websites by unknown hackers made up of both adventure enthusiasts and radicals. Apart from giving the hackers visibility, the episode crippled critical components of Indonesian government’s daily functioning where e-Governance is depended upon so much. This does not appear to be an isolated episode but enumerates […]
  2. Lebanon: The Syria Playbook

    With Assad continuing to make his stand against Western backed forces and various jihad extremist groups in Syria, he has pulled an old play out of the go-to playbook for his regime. He has elected to use his faithful ally Hezbollah to open a new front. As Syria continues to sink into its current battlefield […]
  3. A Killing in North Korea: Father’s Legacy

    While many stories are coming out of the Korea’s regarding the recent execution of Jang Song Thaek, the uncle of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, the real reason has yet to come to light.  With a stories that contain womanizing, greed and internal struggles, it is easy to overlook a significant point. Uncle Jang […]
  4. OIL: China Demand Creating A New Paradigm

      With China oil demand increasing at a profound rate and new sources of oil production in the North America and Southeast Asia, we are seeing a shift in oil markets that are changing the old Middle East, OPEC driven model.  As China attempts to quench its voracious appetite for crude, many of these new […]
  5. While U.S. lawmakers work the budget, Russia quietly resumes charging Iranian nuke site

    Iran reloads fuel into Bushehr n-plant As we watched the left hand move back and forth, the right hand took a swing.  Our friends the Russians in true fashion, used the cover of the U.S. budget debate to begin reloading nuclear fuel in Iran’s Bushehr reactor.  As you remember, last year we reported on the computer […]


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